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Brief Coaching - A Solution Focused Approach
Author: Chris Iveson, Evan George, Harvey Ratner

Brief Coaching - A Solution Focused Approach
Price: £18.00

This book sets out clearly our thinking about the Solution Focused approach, exploring in particular its application to the world of coaching. Naturally, since the solution focused model of change is a generic one this book will also be of interest to cousellors, therapists and others interested in putting solution focus to work.

Carole Pemberton, Executive coach and author, writes about the book: “This book offers the expertise of leading solution focused therapists for an audience that is interested in how to take a solution focused approach to their coaching work. When resources are tight, a BRIEF approach offers a well-researched way of making the most of coaching interventions.”

CONTENTS: Introduction, Basic principles, Establishing the Contract, Preferred Futures, What is already working, Scales, Closing a Session, Second and Subsequent Sessions, Back to work, The Manager Coach, Last Words.

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Trains and Planes

Recently a course attender asked the question ‘so what do you do when the client’s best hopes are very specific – for example ‘I just want to get over my fear of flying’? Here is Chris Iveson’s wonderful response.

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