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Brief Coaching With Children And Young People: A Solution Focused Approach
Author: Harvey Ratner and Denise Yusuf

Brief Coaching With Children And Young People: A Solution Focused Approach
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Brief Coaching with Children and Young People: A Solution Focused Approach is the first book of its type to describe the thinking and practice of Solution coaching with these age groups.

The Approach empowers young people to find their own solutions in the shortest possible time, focusing on where they want to get to rather than the details of the problem they are concerned about. The author's emphasis on practical and straightforward techniques and materials will equip all those interested in working with and supporting young people and their families to help them achieve their goals for the future. The book is illustrated with numerous examples from the coaching practice of the authors in different settings, with a particular emphasis on challenging cases. As a whole it serves as a key resource for working with children and young people, and each chapter can be read as a separate topic. Downloadable resources are available online which enhance the practicality of the text.

Ratner and Yusuf have created a practical, jargon free resource for all those who work with and support children and young people and their families. It will be invaluable for coaches therapists and counsellors as well as anyone who interacts with children and young people, including social workers, teachers and mentors and foster parents.


Relationally undemanding.

There is a sort of logical error that must have a name. It is when we apply the requirements or characteristics of one thing to another thing as if the two things are of the same kind – just that they are not. Evan George discusses one of these logical errors relating to our field of Solution Focused Brief Therapy.

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