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Solution Focused Brief Therapy 100 key points and techniques
Author: Harvey Ratner, Evan George and Chris Iveson

Solution Focused Brief Therapy 100 key points and techniques
Price: £16.00

Solution Focused Brief Therapy: 100 Key Points and Techniques provides a concise and jargon-free guide to the thinking and practice of this exciting approach, enabling people to make changes in their lives quickly and effectively. It covers:

  • the history and background to solution focused practice
  • the philosophical underpinnings of the approach
  • techniques and practices
  • specific applications to work with children and adolescents (including schools-based work), families and adults
  • how to deal with difficult situations
  • organisational applications including supervision, coaching and leadership
  • frequently asked questions

This book is an invaluable resource for all therapists and counsellors, whether in training or practice. It will also be essential for any professional whose job it is to help people make changes in their lives, and will therefore be of interest to social workers, probation officers, psychiatric staff, doctors, and teachers, as well as those working in organisations as coaches and managers.


Trains and Planes

Recently a course attender asked the question ‘so what do you do when the client’s best hopes are very specific – for example ‘I just want to get over my fear of flying’? Here is Chris Iveson’s wonderful response.

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