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Advanced Programmes

Keep your skills honed and up-to-date with these ultra-practical follow-on courses specially designed for those who have attended the Introductory Course and who are already putting what they have learned into practice. These courses are likely to form a part of your Certificate in Solution Focused practice portfolio.

If you are looking at this you are likely to be in a job which requires constant reappraisal and adjustment where to be effective you need to be personally committed to your own professional development. Two days with BRIEF and a group of similarly minded and similarly experienced colleagues will reinvigorate and re-enthuse you. You will be reminded of all the work you are doing well and of some of the skills you may have let slip by the way-side. You will be able to discuss your current work, learn from your successes, share the success of others and develop new skills for those situations you find most challenging.

Staying Brief courses can be taken any number of times because they are always different, responding as they do to each new groups triumphs and challenges. We offer them dedicated to work with Children and Families and to work with Adults, not so much because there is any intrinsic difference but to enable you to share your work with colleagues in similar jobs. And whatever course you choose we will make sure that it attends to your needs as well as everyone else’s. The 'Staying Brief in your Practice' courses will be generic in relation to client population and will be of relevance to you whatever client group you work with.

These courses will take you to the essence of Solution Focused practice, the choice of focus, what do we pick up and what do we let go by from our client's responses. They will also, almost invariably, consider question construction, since questions lie right at the heart of Solution Focused practice.

Each course will include an overview of solution focused BRIEF therapy and a chance for you to work in small groups on issues especially relevant to your job. Afterwards you are likely to experience a boost to your confidence and to your effectiveness at work.

Staying Brief - Adults

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Staying BRIEF with Children & Families

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Solution Focus in the Classroom?

Solution Focus has been adopted with enthusiasm in schools and education more broadly. Our friend Yasmin Ajmal gives us a host of examples to show how SF can be used by teachers in the classroom. Yasmin and Harvey Ratner have recently published Solution Focused Practice in Schools: 80 Ideas and Strategies and Harvey will be delivering a two-day programme Solution Focus in Education on 16th & 17th March in London.

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