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BRIEF London Summer School

For the past decade BRIEF has organised a 5-day Summer School in London. This year Summer School will take place online over two days.

About this Event

As our locked-down Summer arrives all of us at BRIEF had an additional enormous sense of loss. Our Solution Focused Summer School, a fixture in our diaries over more than a decade, was all but disappearing, but at the very last minute we have grabbed it by the tail and caught just enough to decide to have a mini Summer School. And we are feeling increasingly excited at the thought of it.

We are imagining two days of catching up, swapping stories and giving each other inspiration. As always for Summer School we will have no fixed programme, however we can envisage a mix of exercises, live sessions and discussion as well as whatever all of you bring to the creative mix. For us 2019 - 2020 has been a whole year of learning and developing and we will be bringing that learning with us and look forward to all of you doing nothing less.

Whether you are new to the approach or something of an old hand, whether you are quietly getting on with your work in your community or strutting the world stage sharing your thinking about Solution Focused practice, Summer School will have some learning and discovery for you. All that you need to bring is an open mind, and a willingness to share your interest and curiosity, and a real desire to learn more about Solution Focus.

Summer School will be hosted by Chris Iveson and Evan George of BRIEF, joined by our BRIEF International colleagues, Elliott Connie and Adam Froerer. The BRIEF team have been at the heart of the development of the model over the past 30 years, while Elliott and Adam have been re-enthusing the world with Solution Focus and bringing it to a whole new audience. Adam, Chris, Elliott and Evan have been working together for the last 4 years delivering a series of really well-received training programmes.

If you are free on Tuesday and Wednesday, 18 - 19 August and decide to join us, Evan, Chris, Adam and Elliott will be on your screens.


The total cost will be £100.00 plus VAT. (£120.00 incl vat).

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BRIEF Solution Focused Summer School 2020

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