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The BRIEF team have been at the heart of the development of solution focused practice in Europe since 1989, helping to maximise performance by releasing potential. BRIEF offers both training and consultation. Courses are run in the solution-focused approach to leadership and coaching, whilst consultation includes personal coaching, group coaching and team coaching.Solution Focused Practice is future focused, resource-based and progress sensitive. It is generally experienced as empowering, helping to build a sense of possibility based on evidence of achievement.

The ideas at the heart of Solution Focused Practice are remarkably simple, straightforward and supremely pragmatic. The practices themselves give participants a way of putting to work some of the most current ideas about organisations and what makes them work well. Lasting success in any arena cannot be built or sustained on the leader's energy alone. Indeed, as recent research by PriceWaterhouseCooper shows, a 'too dominant' leader is one of the key causes of an organisation's failure. Sustained success requires that the energies of all the team members must be directed towards a vision that takes account of the aim of the organisation and the legitimate interests of all key stakeholders in that organisation's life, including of course not only the work team but also the customers. The Solution Focused approach is based on the development of such a shared vision that can serve to mobilise the very best that the staff team has to offer.

Solution Focused Coaching

Location Course Course Date Price    
London Solution Focused Coaching 12 Jul - 13 Jul 2018 £660 info

Solution Focused Leadership

Location Course Course Date Price    
London Solution Focused Leadership 10 Jul - 11 Jul 2018 £660 info


Integrating SF . . . or not.

One of the most frequent questions that gets asked on training programmes is the question ‘can you integrate SF with other approach?’ And very often this question is asked from a stance which implies that the worker drawing on a range of approaches is clearly and obviously beneficial to the client. However in SF the answer to this question seems to be neither quite so clear nor quite so obvious.

Evan George shares his thoughts.

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