The Centre for Solution Focused Practice

Working with Children, Working with Parents

A Solution Focused approach to work with individuals, families and groups

This will be a very practical experimental workshop bringing participants' skills to blend with Solution Focused methods and in the process break new ground in children and family services.


The essentials of SF Practice

  • Agreeing an outcome from the work
  • Describing a preferred future
  • Exploring ‘instances’ and ‘exceptions’: times the future is already present
  • Using scales, link past and present with the client’s hoped-for future
  • Follow-up sessions: tracing progress
  • Keeping client-centred

Work with children

Participants will bring their own successful methods to share and will explore how these can be enhanced by introducing a Solution Focused framework.

  • How to agree an outcome with very young children
  • Matching the child’s language level
  • Working with ‘what is’ rather than ‘what might be’
  • Inventing scales

Work parents and children together

A very simple way of weaving one-to-one sessions together within a family group will be illustrated and practiced. Especially important is the process of agreeing outcomes even though different family members want different things.

Parenting (and other) groups

  1. Skills inventory
  2. The power of love
  3. Parenting together together
  4. Parenting together apart
  5. A family outings


Chris Iveson is one of the founding members of BRIEF and with his colleagues, Evan George and Harvey Ratner, has contributed significantly to the development of Solution Focused Practices for over thirty years. He has run groups for children, adolescents, parents and abuse survivors and has applied these skills just as effectively to teams and organisations. He is author and co-author of many books and articles and has an international reputation for his clarity and his humour as a trainer. He is also a member of the Institute of Family Therapy and continues to work directly with children, families and teams.

Working with Children, Working with Parents

Location Course Date Price    
05 Nov - 06 Nov 2020 £360.00 info Book


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