The Centre for Solution Focused Practice

Diploma in SF Practice

The BRIEF Diploma is aimed at practitioners who have already attended short courses and started to use solution focused skills in their work. Course members who successfully complete the course will be awarded the BRIEF Diploma in Solution Focused Practice.

Entry Requirements

  • relevant experience in a social care, health, education, counselling/therapy or coaching setting
  • an application and a 1500 word statement demonstrating an understanding of the solution-focused approach and its use in the applicant's work setting
  • at least 8 days training in solution focused practice with BRIEF, which must include an Introductory course and at least one Staying Brief course
  • ability to undertake 60 hours of solution-focused practice during the course to be supervised by a person experienced in using the solution-focused approach
  • able to bring taped examples of their work throughout the course
  • two references

Course Requirements

In order to be awarded the Diploma in Solution Focused Practice by BRIEF, the student must:

  • maintain a satisfactory attendance and fully participate in all elements of the course
  • be able to submit taped examples of their practice
  • complete all the required pieces of work, both assessed and non-assessed
  • where work is to be handed in, submit all the required pieces of work by the given dates (except where an extension has been given in exceptional circumstances)
  • reach the required standard for the two assessed assignments*
  • produce a placement portfolio which demonstrates competence as a solution focused practitioner. The portfolio will include a report by the student’s supervisor
*students may, at the discretion of the course leaders, be able to resubmit assessed assignments which do not reach the required standard at the first attempt.

Programme Outline

Skills Development

Students will practice interviewing skills based on their current work so the course is likely to enhance that work as well as teach skills. Skills training will be included in most components.


There will be structured teaching by different members of BRIEF, and external visitors, covering all the basic principles and skills of solution focused practice and its application in different settings.


A programme of required reading will be integrated with practice throughout the course

Practice Review

Each student can bring taped (video or audio) examples of current work for review in small groups. Taped work will also be needed as part of the assessment requirements.


On one afternoon in each workshop students will join other members of BRIEF to observe therapy sessions and contribute to the thinking around specific cases and about practice development.


Students will each be part of a small co-coaching group using solution focused principles to support each other's learning.

A Developing Model

Solution focused practice is a model in evolution and BRIEF has played a significant part in this process. The continual questioning and rethinking of each aspect of the approach means that it never remains fixed. The Diploma course has been a major contributor to this continuing development and it is this that gives it its unique vibrancy and excitement. Students will need to be prepared for both rigour and uncertainty!

Course Dates

The 2 day workshops will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays during the academic year. The dates are as follows:

8 - 9 October 2018
5 - 6 November 2018
3 - 4 December 2018
7 - 8 January 2019
4 - 5 February 2019
4 - 5 March 2019
8 - 9 April 2019
3 - 4 June 2019


All workshops will take place at BRIEF


The total cost will be £2600 plus VAT (£3120.00 including VAT at 20%). Participants will be responsible for any supervision fees which they incur.

How to Apply

By application form available from BRIEF.
Places will be allocated to those who meet the entry requirements on a first come, first served basis.

Course staff

Evan George
Chris Iveson
Harvey Ratner

Course Dates & Locations

If you are interested in booking a place on one of our forth coming courses please select the most suitable course for your location and calender and enter the number of places you require.


‘I just want to be able to sleep.’ Is sleeping somehow different?

People may want to be happier, have a better relationship with someone in their life, they may want to find confidence and courage and some of them of course might want to sleep. Evan George asks whether we can treat all these examples in the same way or whether there is something different about the sleep response.

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