The Centre for Solution Focused Practice

Chris Iveson in Istanbul

The Koray Varol Akademi in Istanbul represents a revolutionary new approach to education, not only in Turkey but world-wide. It is to be a Solution Focused trauma-informed school with a central role for parents. DBE, Turkey’s leading Brief Therapy Institute and BRIEF are partners in the project which aims to bring the expertise of parents into the educational process – a partnership aimed at the well-being of children as well as their successful education.

Chris Iveson was in Istanbul to launch the project which has gained unprecedented press coverage including CNN and the national newspapers. While there he also co-taught a course with Zeynep Zat, Turkey’s most well-known Solution Focused therapist, on working with high risk clients. It is almost magical how Solution Focused ideas cross continents, oceans and cultures and how faces everywhere light up with recognition and delight as a new generation of SF practitioners take their first steps.

Chris also spoke to a gathering of over one hundred parents and teachers, hopeful to be part of the project. Chaired by Sad?k Gültekin, Turkey’s most prominent education journalist, Chris reminded parents that they were the ultimate experts in their children and recognising this expertise would be what made KVA a great school. Koray Varol then proposed his revolutionary ideas about how he hoped the school would work.