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What do you do when . . . ?

We have started a new video series on the BRIEF Facebook page. The series of videos is focused on the most frequent questions that we are asked on BRIEF training courses. The first is called 'What do you do when you do not agree with the client's answer?' and the second is 'What do you do when the client answers the question 'so what has been better since we last talked?' by saying 'nothing it's been worse'. Then Chris Iveson explored the question 'what do you do when you believe your client not to be telling the truth' and after that we have a really common question 'what do you do when people have differing best hopes?'.

This 'what do you do when' series will be an occasional series and we will respond to the questions that we are asked on training courses and in particular the questions that most puzzle training course participants.

Readers will be invited to comment  and to share their own thoughts in relation to our ideas.

You can find our FB page through the button at the top of this page or through copying into your browser.


Blaming our clients!

Clients feeling 'blamed' by professionals is not an uncommon experience and is never productive or useful. So how do Solution Focused practitioners transform the 'blaming' process and turn it into something positive? Evan George shares some thoughts.

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