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United Kingdom Association of Solution Focused Practice - an organisation for solution focused practitioners in the United Kingdom. They provide a national profile of solution focused practice; networking opportunities for people using solution focused practice in their work; providing development, support and information.

Alasdair McDonald

Alasdair McDonald is the President of the European Brief Therapy Association and has long been a leading figure in the field of research in the approach. This site offers you an up-to-date list of the studies available.


BTPress publish a series of mainly British based texts on the Solution Focused approach. BT Press books are now distributed through BRIEF and all of their publications can be purchased online on this web-site..

European Brief Therapy Sites

The European Brief Therapy Association

The European Brief Therapy Association is the world’s first such association, set up in 1993 to support and to promote Solution Focused Brief Therapy across Europe. The Association runs an Annual Conference, Lyon in September 2008 and Helsinki in 2009 and Malmo in 2010, and supports research in the field.

Solution Focused List

This site will enable you to get in touch with a Solution Focused list, moderated by Harry Korman from Malmo. Solution Focused practitioners from all over the world discuss their work, their current thinking, search for resources, ask for consultation and have a laugh. A good-natured and friendly discussion is guaranteed for people willing and able to read up to 30 postings a day.

Harry and Jocelyn Korman

Harry and Jocelyn Korman from Malmo in Sweden give you access to an interesting article 'On the Ethics of Diagnosis' that Harry wrote and to a book that he jointly authored with Martin Sonderquist on their experience of using solution focused brief therapy in a heroin programme.

The Solutions Centre, in Utrecht, is directed by Arnoud Huibers. A competency-focused questionnaire for working with children is available for download from the website.

Worldwide Brief Therapy Sites

Signs of Safety

This is the website of Andrew Turnell and describes the work he has undertaken with children's services practitioners and organisations around the globe to apply brief therapy ideas to the child protection task. The site contains a lot of resources and information to inspire those undertaking this challenging work.

Bill O'Hanlon

Bill O’Hanlon’s site makes space for frequently asked questions, while in Bill’s Attic everyone will find something of interest to take away – perhaps a hand-out to be down-loaded or information about a book that Bill has read recently.

The Talking Cure

The Talking Cure site is the home of Scott Miller and the Institute for the Study of Therapeutic Change. This is a resource-rich site that takes a particular interest in the whole question of effectiveness in the world of therapy.

The Brief Therapy Insitute of Sydney

The Brief Therapy Insitute of Sydney has a great section of links which starts off by taking us through the history of the development of the approach. Michael Durrant’s travels around the world mean that he knows everyone and his links section is how we benefit. Thank-you Michael.

Center for Solution Focus Training

Joel Simon from Center for Solution Focus Training based in the Mid-Hudson Valley region of New York State provides training, clinical supervision, institutional consultation, and therapy. Joel has been practicing and teaching solution-focused brief therapy for over 20 years. He completed 3 advanced trainings at BFTC, has been a frequent presenter at conferences, has authored several articles and 2 books on solution focused topics.


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