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Integrating SF . . . or not.

One of the most frequent questions that gets asked on training programmes is the question ‘can you integrate SF with other approach?’ And very often this question is asked from a stance which implies that the worker drawing on a range of approaches is clearly and obviously beneficial to the client. However in SF the answer to this question seems to be neither quite so clear nor quite so obvious.

Evan George shares his thoughts.

10 ideas for times when the ‘best hopes’ are not forthcoming.

Towards the end of a recent training programme one of the participants asked a question about ‘best hopes’ – well more specifically what to do if the client doesn’t answer the ‘best hopes’ question. The particular context involved meeting a 14-year-old boy who had been ‘sent’ to meet with her and who, despite the worker’s best efforts had still not described his ‘best hopes’ by the end of the first meeting. As a group we began to generate ideas about what can be useful in such circumstances although it is only fair to the worker to say that she had tried pretty well everything that we discussed.