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Congratulations to Stephan Natynczuk on the forthcoming publication of his book Solution-Focused Practice in Outdoor Therapy.

Stephan undertook the Diploma in Solution Focused Practice at BRIEF and has been a leader in the application of the approach with young people in outdoor therapy.

Solution-Focused Practice in Outdoor Therapy presents a comprehensive model for working therapeutically with clients outdoors, with adventure, and in any outdoor setting – from a typical one-hour session to multi-day expeditions.

Chapters lay out a robust and pragmatic model for opening the counseling room door using solution-focused methods. Dobud and Natynczuk bring together research on best practice in psychotherapy, monitoring therapeutic outcomes, safe and inclusive leadership, supervision, and self-care to present a robust framework for working therapeutically outdoors. Case vignettes are presented throughout the book, and a field manual is available for free download with purchase of the book.

Part 1: Co-Adventuring for Change  1. Co-Adventuring for Change  2. On Becoming an Evidence-Informed Practitioner  3. Tools for the Solution-Focused Practitioner  Part 2: Outdoor Solution-Focused Practice  4. Being Solution-Focused Outdoors  5. Working with Individual Clients  6. Expedition Settings and Group Work  7. Working with Parents and Referrers  Part 3: From Good Enough to Excellence  8. Core Competencies and Professionalism  9. Implementing Feedback-Informed Treatment Outdoors  10. Re-Igniting Supervision in Outdoor Therapy  11. Concluding Thoughts

Will W. Dobud, PhD, MSW, is a social work lecturer with Charles Sturt University and has been involved in outdoor therapy in the United States, Australia, and Norway. His internationally recognized research focuses on participant experiences in care and improving outcomes in the outdoor therapies.

Stephan Natynczuk, DPhil, MBA, LPIOL, FRSA, MNCS(accred), has been professionally involved in experiential education since 1988. Stephan enjoys training aspirant outdoor practitioners internationally and runs a private outdoor therapy practice. His research focuses on effective practice and professionalism in outdoor therapy.

The book will be available in August 2022 and can be pre-ordered 
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