The Centre for Solution Focused Practice

In Service Training

Since 1989 BRIEF has delivered over 6,000 days of agency-based training to organisations throughout the Public, Corporate and Voluntary sectors.

These trainings have varied from one-day workshops to 12-day courses.

They have been delivered to a significant range of different professional groups including social workers, educational and clinical psychologists, teachers, psychiatrists and general practitioners, managers across the sectors, nurses, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, health visitors, educational social workers, housing workers, coaches and many many more.

Organisations come back to BRIEF over and over not only because of the quality of the training but because commissioners know that BRIEF trainings will incorporate all the new thinking in the approach and they can be confident of this because BRIEF has been at the cutting edge of shaping the developments of the approach over the past 15 years.

BRIEF have delivered courses in almost every city in the UK, across Europe and as far away as Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, Australia, Thailand, Canada and Singapore. BRIEF currently has invitations to teach in South Korea, Peru and maybe Chile.

BRIEF Offers:

  • High quality effective training from Britain’s most experienced Solution Focused practitioners and trainers - BRIEF has been delivering since 1989.
  • Up-to-the-minute thinking about the approach – this is a constantly developing model.
  • Flexibility in the face of your service needs.
  • Experience of delivering training across a very wide range of settings, including health, mental health, education, probation, social care, children's services and the corporate sector.
  • Trainers in current practice.
  • Specialised trainers who only deliver training in the Solution Focused approach.
  • Fee-back guarantee if commissioner is for any reason dissatisfied. 

BRIEF Will Provide:

  • a quality manual in pdf format to support post-course practice,
  • email-based support following the course to aid effective integration,
  • availability of live consultation offered from BRIEF’s base in the City of London.

Your Staff Will be:

  • Equipped with new skills
  • Confident in their use of those skills
  • More enthusiastic about their work
  • More appreciative of the service-users with whom they work
  • More appreciative of their colleagues. 


What else? an infinitely various question

Recently Evan sought to justify just why ‘what else?’ is such a useful question in the Solution Focused approach whilst here Chris invites us to appreciate the infinite variety and difference within what might appear to be the same two words ‘what else?’.

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