The Centre for Solution Focused Practice

Online BRIEF Summer School 2020

Our online BRIEF Summer School 2020 was truly International this year.
The team were located in London and Atlanta, (Georgia) and Christchurch NZ.
We had attenders from England, Wales, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Slovenia, South Africa, Tanzania, USA (California, Georgia, Ohio . . . ), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan . . . and maybe more. Have I forgotten anyone? I hope not.
And our 5 live sessions were with 'clients/coachees' who were sitting in Australia, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands and Germany.
This was a treat that would not have been possible if we were running in London for 5 days as we have for many years.
Covid-19 has, in an odd way, opened some new possibilities.


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What is SF - a 2020 version of the approach


July 9, 2020