The Centre for Solution Focused Practice

Solution Focused Approach in Health, Education and Social Care

BRIEF can deliver all of its programmes as agency-based courses shaped to the needs of the specific organisation and its particular service-users. Since the approach is so flexible and is used in so many different contexts BRIEF trainers have gathered experience of working with an extremely wide range of professionals employed in a wide range of settings. 

Some additional programmes are only currently delivered agency-based, namely:

  • Building Co-operation with Reluctant Clients
  • Making Change Easy. 

BRIEF has delivered training courses, agency-based, to professionals including counsellors and psychotherapists, professionals working across the field of mental health including nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, and psychiatrists, as well as all of the professionals involved in the field of education in addition to social workers, probation officers and substance mis-use workers.

Many in health, education and welfare do not see themselves primarily as therapists or counsellors and yet are interested in delivering their services in a way that is informed by the methods of the approach and draws on the techniques. BRIEF is well able to present the approach in this way.

BRIEF courses are practical, skill-based and are designed to make a difference to all participants. They are delivered in such a way that many of the participants will be able to use elements of the approach on their next day back at work. Typical outcomes for professionals under-taking BRIEF courses have been:

  • Familiarity with the Solution Focused approach
  • Practice in using Solution Focused techniques
  • Enhanced skills for working with service-users
  • Greater capacity to engage service-users
  • Increased enthusiasm and motivation
  • Growth in awareness of own skills and abilities
  • Greater appreciation of colleagues 

Courses can be arranged lasting from one day upwards, either as a single block, two blocks of days or with follow-up. BRIEF can also deliver Plenary presentations for Conferences and Agency-events.

The exact shape and focus of the presentation can be negotiated in each and every instance.

Download the agency based training booklet here.

Email BRIEF info to discuss your training needs. A member of the team can arrange to ring you back.


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