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Blowing our own trumpet!

Some feedback from a BRIEF training workshop.

  • I feel empowered to bring this method to my colleagues and help them ‘buy-in’ to this way of thinking.
  • A great mix of input and practice. Appreciated opportunities to work with a variety of people. Appreciated the time to reflect and make connections. A sense of trust and community was easily and effectively built at the start and throughout.
  • I am very excited to share all that I have learned with my colleagues. Thank you for being a wonderful agent of hope.
  • Really enjoyed the presentation and can't wait to put it into practise. Thank you very much!
  • The presentation was excellent! It totally convinced me that the approach can bring about change in a most effective and meaningful way in a very short time.
  • Very inspiring. Looking forward to learning more about this approach.
  • This was an extremely valuable 2 days. I simply want to thank you for your time, energy, expertise and support!!
  • Informative, inspiring, practical. Individual questions addressed and answered. Always invited to reflect on how this approach could be useful to us.
  • Very nice training! Thanks a lot. Great presenting skills which helped me to stay focused. Useful conversations which made me want to start changing a few things right away.
  • Great-thank you! Good balance of theory and practice.
  • I am extremely pleased with what I have learned and am excited about practicing this mindset at home and school. Thank you.
  • Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for allowing us to ask questions throughout and giving them room. Thank you for ‘seeing’ all of us.
  • Thank you for the ‘mind shift’.
  • Fantastic workshop.
  • Extremely engaging and well-paced. The presenter facilitated and took time to thoroughly answer all questions. I loved it! Thank you!
  • Excellent. Very useful. Variety of activities. Very professional. Warm and friendly atmosphere. Offers ideas and strategies for change which can be used starting immediately.


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What is SF - a 2020 version of the approach


July 9, 2020