The Centre for Solution Focused Practice
  • Therapy and Coaching

    What happens when you come to us is that we 'get down to business' – the therapy starts from the moment the appointment is made because that’s when very often, if you look out for it, things will begin to improve.

  • In Service Training

    Call BRIEF if you want to add Solution Focused Practice to what you are able to offer your customers. We are the most experienced and innovative team of Practitioner-Trainers you will find.

  • Phone and on-line

    BRIEF now delivers therapy, counselling, coaching and supervision on the phone and on-line. Increasing numbers of people are now choosing to access our services in this way and our experience is that this is just as effective as face to face work.

  • BRIEF Blog

    BRIEF has been a 'hothouse' of creativity and for many years it has taken a leading role in shaping solution focused practice around the world. The Blog provides a window into our thinking.


Train with BRIEF. Our comprehensive Course Programme offers the most flexible route to becoming an effective enabler of lasting change with individuals, families, groups, teams and whole organisations.

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In-Service Training

Since 1989 BRIEF has delivered over 5000 days of agency-based training to organisations in the Public, Corporate and Voluntary sectors, throughout the UK, across Europe and as far afield as Australia, the USA and Canada.

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Therapy & Coaching

When we are stuck in a problem we can lose sight of where we would prefer to be; a Solution Focused Approach will help you identify and achieve a better future – mostly in less than five meetings.

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BRIEF is unique
We do what we teach and we teach what we do.

We are the world’s leading centre for solution focused practice in therapy and counselling as well as in coaching, leadership, team building and conflict resolution.

BRIEF’s training programme is the most extensive in the world providing inspiration to front-line workers in health, education and social care as well as to senior executives in both public and private enterprise. BRIEF has delivered training in every corner of the UK as well as in over 20 countries across 4 continents. We have worked with drug and alcohol services in Greece, mining managers in Western Australia, Abu Dhabi health service workers, the staff of a school for children with hearing difficulties in Beirut and managers from 28 countries working for a global business and household name.

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Harvey and Chris have each recently published co-authored books exploring two of the flexible and varied applications of the Solution Focused approach. Harvey, writing with Yasmin Ajmal, has focused on work in Schools and Chris, with Susanne Burgstaller, on work with Teams.

Solution Focus in Education

Why is Solution Focus making such an impact in Education? Whether it be in the classroom, in the Senior Management team, or in the staff room, Solution Focus is making a difference. Find out more in our new book and on a great course.

BRIEF Certificate in Solution Focused Practice

After 8 days of training have been completed with BRIEF you are invited to apply for the BRIEF Certificate in Solution Focused Practice. This Certificate confirms that applicants have given evidence of their understanding of the approach, have given examples of how they use the approach in their own setting and have written up one piece of work, showcasing their competence in Solution Focused Practice. If the Building Excellence with Solution Focused Coaching programme has been taken applicants may prefer to opt for a certificate in Solution Focused Coaching.

Upcoming Courses

Location Course Course Date Price    
London 4 Day Foundation Course: Solution Focused… 03 Mar - 06 Mar 2020 £720.00 info Book
London 2 Day Foundation Course: Solution Focused… 16 Mar - 17 Mar 2020 £360.00 info Book
London Advanced: Staying Brief: Solution Focused… 26 Mar - 27 Mar 2020 £360.00 info Book
Bristol 2 Day Foundation Course: Solution Focused… 23 Apr - 24 Apr 2020 £360.00 info Book
Cardiff Advanced: Staying Brief: Solution Focused… 23 Apr - 24 Apr 2020 £360.00 info Book
London Working with Children, Working with Parents 30 Apr - 01 May 2020 £360.00 info Book
Vienna Team Talk: Building Excellence with Solution… 04 May - 05 May 2020 £480.00 info Book
London 4 Day Foundation Course: Solution Focused… 02 Jun - 05 Jun 2020 £720.00 info Book
London Advanced: Staying Brief: Solution Focused… 18 Jun - 19 Jun 2020 £360.00 info Book
Cardiff Advanced: Staying Brief: Solution Focused… 18 Jun - 19 Jun 2020 £360.00 info Book


How does it work?

Evan George explores some thoughts about what is going on when people are describing their preferred futures. The Solution Focused approach is far from obvious in so many ways.

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