The Centre for Solution Focused Practice


Learning the tuba!

Lock-down has been really tough for many people. This series of 7 reflective exercises invites us to learn something that may prove useful about ourselves, those around us and our 'new normal' futures. Have a go.

Putting Solution Focus to Work

Sarah Kupke writes about the difference that her training in SF has made in her role as Head of Campus at the International School of Stuttgart, Sindelfingen Campus.

Trusting or believing or trusting and believing?

Evan George considers two words that are foundational in Solution Focused Practice - the words trust and belief. Is belief the same as trust or is belief a little different from trust? Does trust encapsulate belief or does the idea of belief add something independently in our work?

How does it work?

Evan George explores some thoughts about what is going on when people are describing their preferred futures. The Solution Focused approach is far from obvious in so many ways.


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What is SF - a 2020 version of the approach


July 9, 2020