The Centre for Solution Focused Practice


Do you have to be an Optimist?

Do we have to be particular sorts of people to use the Solution Focused approach. Evan George argues that we do not. Using the approach involves adopting a position in a very conscious and determined way and this is based on a choice, It does not depend on the vagaries, the lottery of what sort of person we may happen to be.

Meeting people in the right space.

Clients are not 'found', they are co-constructed and just as therapists can 'co-construct' clients who will struggle to find a way forward so can we 'co-construct' clients who are likely to be successful. It is a question of choice . . . and a question of ethics.

Hopes and/or dreams?

Terry Eagleton's recent book sparks off some thinking about the words that we use in the Solution Focused approach. Why is it that we talk about 'hopes' rather than 'dreams'?

Thinking vs. Knowledge

Our friend and colleague Elliott Connie from Texas shares some of his recent thinking with us in this guest blog.