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What’s better? Nothing - in fact it has been worse.

The question that we ask does not guarantee the client's answer. And in SF every answer is the right answer and that is the one that we must work with. So Evan George shares some of his ideas about those times (not frequent) when people say that things are worse.

What’s better? Nothing.

Probably the question 'so what do you do when the client says that nothing is better?' turns up more often on training courses than the answer 'nothing' does in therapy or counselling or coaching. Nonetheless it is useful to be prepared. Evan George shares some ideas.

Even dogs do it!

Chris Iveson explores one of the (rare) times in the Solution Focused approach that we might challenge our client's response.

The dangers of passion.

Good outcome is more important that the worker's preferred choice of therapeutic modality and clients should not be 'sacrificed' to the worker's preferences. Evan George sets out his thinking.

With shame I confess . . . .

Looking back there are elements of my past practice with people that I truly regret. Evan George explores one aspect of how finding the Solution Focused approach changed my approach - and very much for the better.

Your SF pre-history.

Here is a fun exercise which invites you to look back before you first came across the Solution Focused approach to look for evidence that this approach always would 'suit' you. Try it.

The Mandated Worker: 4 ideas

We have long talked in the field about those clients who are 'obliged' to meet with a professional but what about those times that the focus of a professional is determined by their setting or their function. Evan George shares some thoughts.

Letting go part 2

Evan George develops the thinking that began in Letting Go part 1. What else might we need to let go, ideas, language that does not fit within our Solution Focused home?


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