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Unhelpful ideas.

Evan George lists twenty-five ideas about clients and therapy that make good outcomes less likely and yet seem to be characteristic of the way that many workers seem to describe their work.

Empathy – some tentative thoughts

The question is raised over and over about the place of 'empathy' in the Solution Focused approach - here Evan George shares some very tentative thoughts as a starting point for discussion and further thinking.

Talking about resistance . . . . or not.

The idea of the 'resistant client' is so common in the world of psychotherapy, and so much time is devoted to dealing with resistance, that people on courses are often puzzled 'why don't you talk about resistance?'. Here Evan George attempts to answer that question.

How do you know when . . . .?

One of the most frequently asked questions in Solution Focused Practice is 'when is enough detail enough'? Evan George tries to address this difficult question.


The way that we describe our work is important and has preoccupied Evan for quite a while, since after all our description of what we do inevitably impacts how we behave towards our clients.

More Muddles

Muddles have been central to the thinking underpinning the development of Solution Focused Practice, sorting out the muddles caused by 'misunderstandings' of the logic of language. The muddle that Evan George explores here is rather less lofty!


BRIEF believes in the training that we offer. We are regarded as leaders in the field. But how should we evaluate the quality of training? Evan George ponders on this question.

The Limits of my Language – Meditations on Depression

Often those learning the Solution Focused approach comment that it is like learning a language, and in our work we facilitate people in describing in detail a desired outcome in a way that opens new possibilities. Yes indeed language is at the heart of everything that we do.

Solution-Focused Therapy

A quiet revolution has been going on under our very noses and many of us might not even have noticed. Evan George invites us to think about something that might have been seen as quite insignificant.


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