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Foundation Courses (on-line)


These Foundation Courses give you the opportunity both to begin and to refresh your Solution Focused Practice as a therapist, counsellor, coach, doctor, nurse, social worker, teacher, manager or leader. Solution Focused Practice is constantly evolving so no two BRIEF courses are the same and all can be repeated many times without losing the freshness and creativity of this method of generating change.

Foundation Level 1

This two day (twelve hour) course will introduce you to Solution Focused Practice, its techniques, underlying assumptions and philosophy. You will have the opportunity to learn both by listening, watching, practicing and discussing.

Foundation Level 2

The two day (twelve hour) programme will focus mainly on practice with a series of developing exercises through which you will become familiar with the conversational process.

Foundation Level 3

This last two day (twelve hour) programme will provide a chance to watch and do whole sessions of therapy or coaching. Once again the emphasis will be on practice. Participants will also be expected by this time to have been trying out Solution Focused conversations in their work


Course dates 2022

Foundation Level 1

10-11 May 2022
13-14 September 2022
16-17 November 2022

Foundation Level 2

27-28 April 2022
05-06 July 2022
18-19 October 2022

Foundation Level 3 

22-23 June 2022
29-30 November 2022                     


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Describing the future

Evan George tackles the frequently asked question 'why do Solution Focused practitioners spend so long focusing on a detailed description of the preferred future?'.

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What is SF - a 2020 version of the approach


July 9, 2020