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Coaching & Organisations

BRIEF can offer all of its portfolio of courses in-house over single days, two, three or four days whether the focus be particularly on Coaching, Leadership, Team-building, Conflict Resolution or more broadly and flexibly on Solution Focus in Organisations. Elements of each of these programmes and additionally the Supervision and Consultation programme can be blended to construct a training event that is exactly right for your team.

Beyond the skills learned and practiced by participants on these programmes, delivering these trainings within organisations can have the additional benefit of impacting significantly on the group culture, shifting towards more appreciative and co-operative ways of working across the whole of an organisation thereby amplifying the positive effects.

Solution Focus can contribute to Employee Well-being through the Becoming Solution-Focused programmes that BRIEF offers. Barbara Fredrickson’s work in the field of Positive Affect points to a key way of distinguishing between people who ‘flourish’ and people who ‘languish’. Her research shows that those who flourish have a higher Positive to Negative Affect (P/N) ratio. The Becoming Solution Focused programme will help participants to become more appreciative of themselves and of those around them, more aware of their capacities and their strengths. The programme will also invite people to take greater responsibility for how they construct their idea of who they are and who, therefore, they can be. This enjoyable, lively programme can be delivered for groups of up to 24 participants over the course of one or two days.

BRIEF has experience of delivering events for groups from 5 to 250 participants lasting from one hour to 12 days.

Either email Sarah Hassan to discuss your training needs or phone +44 (0)20 7600 3366 and speak with a member of the team.

Within business teams, higher levels of expressed positivity among group members have been linked to greater behaviourial variability within moment-to-moment interactions as well as to long-range indicators of business success.
Losada & Heaphy (2004)


Solution Focus in the Classroom?

Solution Focus has been adopted with enthusiasm in schools and education more broadly. Our friend Yasmin Ajmal gives us a host of examples to show how SF can be used by teachers in the classroom. Yasmin and Harvey Ratner have recently published Solution Focused Practice in Schools: 80 Ideas and Strategies and Harvey will be delivering a two-day programme Solution Focus in Education on 16th & 17th March in London.

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