The Centre for Solution Focused Practice

How to access counselling or therapy


For those people referring themselves it is best to telephone BRIEF to make an arrangement to meet with a member of the team.

Appointments can often be offered within 2 weeks. Work starts from the time of the first contact and the average number of sessions at BRIEF is around 4. It is impossible to predict exactly how long any one piece of work will last but it will be for the person coming to decide when he or she is confident to finish. Appointments are rarely at one-week intervals, more normally with longer gaps between sessions and with the gap lengthening as change is evident. BRIEF practitioners offer sessions Monday to Friday with most appointments taking place during office hours. We can on occasions find other times if necessary.

BRIEF is an independent organisation which is entirely self-funding. The normal charge is £100.00 per session for individuals and £150.00 per session for couples and families.


If you would like to contact BRIEF for more information, please click HERE to visit the contacts page.


Taking our clients seriously.

A question recently raised the issue of just how we listen to people and the assumptions that we bring, or do not bring, to our conversations with clients. Evan George responds.

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