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JSFBT special edition 2019

This is a special edition of the JSFBT. 

The journal has been out of publication for over 2 years now. This edition has been produced by the new editor Sara Smock Jordan and the editorial board. 

Your payment is for a one-off journal which will be produced and delivered electronically. Money raised from the sale of this journal will be used to fund the production of the journal in 2020.

Full table of contents:


Sara (Smock) Jordan, Editor-in-Chief

David Hains, President, AASFBT

Peer-reviewed articles

Changing How We Think About Change — Evan George

A Brief, Informal History of SFBT as Told by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg — Peter De Jong

Leaving No Footprints — Chris Iveson

It Will Never Be the Same Again — Alexey Mikhalsky, Plamen Panayotov, & Alasdair MacDonald

Solution Focused Work as an Aesthetic —  Mark McKergow           

Solution Focused Therapy for Trauma Survivors: A Review of the Outcome Literature —  Ray Eads & Mo Yee Lee

Invited Papers

The 3.0 version of “Reflections on Mark’s paper SFBT 2.0 - The new generation of SFBT has already arrived” —  Harry Korman

Response to Harry Korman’s Reflections on SFBT 2.0 paper —  Mark McKergow


Featured Video

What is SF - a 2020 version of the approach


July 9, 2020