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BRIEF Summer School is over for another year.

BRIEF Summer School is over for another year.

Our learning from Summer School takes a time to process. I am beginning to have some ideas about where Summer School might take me but it is a bit early to write them down. So what can I say?

There were 14 nations ‘represented’ at Summer School: Austria, Australia, England, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland and Wales.

We had 7 ‘live’ sessions, 5 clients and 2 coaching sessions over our three days together.

It was terrific fun working with Adam Froerer, Elliott Connie and my old friends and colleagues, Chris Iveson and Harvey Rather.

It was great to have many ‘old hands’ and indeed regular Summer School Attenders and in addition some people who were new to Solution Focus and attending Summer School for the first time. The learning for all of us comes from this wonderful mixture.

All that I want to say right now is thank-you – thank-you to all of you for coming together to make BRIEF Summer School 2022 a wonderful learning experience.

Evan George
31st July 2022


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