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Yasmin Ajmal and Harvey Ratner have just published a new book where you can explore the application of SF in the classroom and Harvey Ratner is offering a two-day programme here at BRIEF on 16th and 17th March.

Both will deepen your appreciation of the power of SF, the possibilities of SF and the difference that it can make to children, their parents and indeed to staff.

Linda Metcalf writes of Yasmin and Harvey's book:
"In this marvellous new book, Ajmal and Ratner teach us, in their own words that "it is only the wearer of the shoe who knows where is it comfortable". Educators who often wonder if they can make a difference with a troubled student need to read this book, which will finally provided them with ideas and strategies for asking questions, that elicit teacher and staff driven solutions, which are always the best kind."

The two day programme will bring the book to life - you will watch examples, try out the techniques and experience them. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about your students, your class, your staff and your school. 
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Ajmal, A., Ratner, H. (2020) Solution Focused Practice in Schools: 80 Ideas and Strategies. London: Routledge


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