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Harvey Ratner is presenting!

Here is another great reason for going to the UKASFP Conference in Essex in July this year. For those of you wondering whether to go, teetering on the edge, now is the time to jump in.

Book Sales 2024

We want to make available additional copies of Solution Focused books from our stock and from our library. All books are new unless stated otherwise. Postage and packing in the UK will be £3.00 and to other countries will depend on buyer’s location.

Eight years of blogging!!

It is now 8 years since BRIEF started this ‘blog’ focusing on the Solution Focused approach. We publish every Sunday on FaceBook and then the pieces that seem to elicit most interest are copied onto the website.


At BRIEF we have been sharing our thinking about Solution Focused Practice online for many years. We have put together a bundle of useful short presentations on the approach addressing the key questions and practice issues. To make access easier here is an 'index' of those presentations and the relevant links.

Journal Of Solution Focused Practice

The most recent edition of the Journal is now available for free online. There are a host of interesting articles including one with the premises of which I rather disagree. Click Read Below and you will find the link.

UKASFP Conference in Oxford 2023

The UKASFP Conference is taking place in Oxford in July, from Thursday 6th to Friday 7th. if you book before 30th April you will benefit from the 'early bird' rate. Find out more about the conference by clicking on Read More.

SF in Child Protection Services

Medina, Beyebach and García have published an important paper exploring «the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a solution-focused intervention in child protection services». Despite the methodological issues, which the authors highlight, this paper is both interesting and promising. Download a pdf for free HERE. 

BRIEF Summer School is over for another year.

Our learning from Summer School takes a time to process. I am beginning to have some ideas about where Summer School might take me but it is a bit early to write them down. So what can I say?


Congratulations to Stephan Natynczuk on the forthcoming publication of his book Solution-Focused Practice in Outdoor Therapy.


Taking the taxi further.

Evan George extends the 'taxi-driver' analogy which many Solution Focused trainers use to explain the nature of the collaboration between client and worker in the approach.

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What is SF - a 2020 version of the approach


July 9, 2020