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Chris Iveson in Istanbul

The Koray Varol Akademi in Istanbul represents a revolutionary new approach to education, not only in Turkey but world-wide. It is to be a Solution Focused trauma-informed school with a central role for parents. DBE, Turkey’s leading Brief Therapy Institute and BRIEF are partners in the project which aims to bring the expertise of parents into the educational process – a partnership aimed at the well-being of children as well as their successful education.

What do you do when . . . ?

We have started a new video series on the BRIEF Facebook page. The series of videos is focused on the most frequent questions that we are asked on BRIEF training courses. The first is called 'What do you do when you do not agree with the client's answer?' and the most recent is called 'What do you do when the client answers the question 'so what has been better since we last talked?' by saying 'nothing it's been worse'.

BRIEF book translations

BRIEF’s books are being translated. Another new translation arrives on our desks. The latest translation to arrive on our desks is the Danish translation of 100 Key Points and Techniques. It is published by SOLUTIONS Forlag and translated by our wonderful friends and colleagues Mette Vesterhauge-Petersen and Henrik Vesterhauge-Petersen.


Whereever Brexit ends, and goodness knows that is far from clear at present, BRIEF will remain committed to all our good friends and colleagues in the remaining 27. Over the years we have had the good fortune to present our work and thinking in 19 member states and with any luck a twentieth is on the horizon.


Blaming our clients!

Clients feeling 'blamed' by professionals is not an uncommon experience and is never productive or useful. So how do Solution Focused practitioners transform the 'blaming' process and turn it into something positive? Evan George shares some thoughts.

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