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Booking will be opening soon for our full 2020 programme of courses. To pre-reserve a place on any course please email Sarah on specifying the course(s) and date(s) and we will let give you advance warning of when the new system will be up and running. Course details and dates below in read more.

BRIEF Summer School 2020

We have fixed the dates for next year's Summer School. 17 - 21 August 2020. Put them in your diary. We are using the same Covent Garden venue that has worked so well for us over the past 4 years.

JSFBT special edition 2019

Available from 20th September a special edition of the Journal of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy with an article by Chris Iveson and a very short piece by Evan George. This 'crowd-funding' edition is designed to raise funds for more regular publication in the future. Click below to find the link that enable you to buy this special edition.

Rayya Ghul speaks out in Edinburgh

YOUNG people should be encouraged to fight back against society’s “problem addiction” and instead be taught solution-based techniques, according to an Edinburgh-based academic, therapist and life coach.

Solution Focus in the Guardian.

It is not every day that we find Solution Focused work turning up in a national newspaper here in the UK. And it is not often that we see a positive account of Social Work. So have a look at this.

Solution Focused Schools - a conference

Over the past few years one of the quickest areas of growth and expansion of the Solution Focused approach has been in Education and the Gonzalo Garza High School has been a stand-out exemplum. Find out more at this exciting conference.

American visitors to BRIEF

BRIEF has enjoyed our association with two American Universities and coincidentally both are spending time with us during the month of July, one coming from North Carolina and the other from Texas.

BRIEF book translations

BRIEF’s books are being translated. Another new translation arrives on our desks. The latest translation to arrive on our desks is the Danish translation of 100 Key Points and Techniques. It is published by SOLUTIONS Forlag and translated by our wonderful friends and colleagues Mette Vesterhauge-Petersen and Henrik Vesterhauge-Petersen.


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