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Solution Focused Self-help books

Here is the list.

  1. Berg, I.K., Miller, S.D. (1997). The Miracle Method: A Radically New Approach to Problem Drinking. New York: Norton.
  2. Connie, E.  (2013). The Solution Focused Marriage: 5 Simple Habits that will bring out the best in your relationship. Keller: The Connie Institute (
  3. Dolan, Y. (2000). Beyond Survival: Living Well is the best Revenge. London: BT Press.
  4. Duncan, B. (2005). What’s right with you: Debunking Dysfunction and Changing your Life.  Health Communications
  5. Gibson, A. (2020). Make Life Simple: Make your life as simple as possible but not simpler. Wharfedale: Fisher King.
  6. Ghul, R. (2015). The Power of the Next Small Step.  Keller: The Connie Institute (
  7. Henden, J. (2017). What it takes to thrive: Techniques for Severe Trauma and Stress Recovery. WSPC.
  8. Henden, J. (2011). Beating Combat Stress: 101 techniques for Recovery. Wiley.
  9. Hudson, P. (1996). The Solution-Oriented Woman. New York: Norton.
  10. Metcalf, L. (2004). The Miracle Question: Answer it and Change your Life.  Carmarthen Wales: Crown House.
  11. O’Hanlon, B. (1999). Do one thing different: Ten Simple Ways to Change your Life. New York: William Morrow (Harper Collins)
  12. O’Hanlon, B. (2004). Thriving through crisis: Turn Tragedy and Trauma into Growth and Change.  New York: Perigee (Berkley Publishing Group/Penguin).
  13. O’Hanlon, B., Hudson, P. (1995). Love is a verb: How to stop analyzing your relationship and start making it great again. New York: Norton.
  14. Scott, B., Rebolj, B., Oberbeck, G. (2021) Beyond coping: finding your way forward. London: BT Press (Written for the pandemic but more generally useful.)
  15. Weiner-Davis, M. (1996). Change your life and Everyone in it. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Michele Weiner-Davis is a prolific self-help author focusing mainly on work with couples. Her early clinical work was Solution Focused. Have a look for Healing from Infidelity, The Divorce Remedy, Divorce-busting and more.


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