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Free SF video training course

Chris Iveson, Elliott Connie, Adam Froerer and Evan George will soon be launching a new online training course.

This week you can find a series of videos for those of you who do not know us to get to know us a bit more and to see if you would like to spend a bit more time in our company sharing our up to date thinking about Solution Focused Brief Therapy and how we see it. Obviously we would love you to join us but the great thing is that there is no need for you to do so - so here is a short series of free videos which might interest you, intrigue you and perhaps even keep you mildly entertained during these strange times.

All you have to do to get the series for free is sign up.

Here's the link.

with our very best wishes and stay safe

part 1 of This FREE 3 Part series will be available on demand beginning on Monday, April 13, 2020 [for a limited time]


Featured Video

What is SF - a 2020 version of the approach


July 9, 2020