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Solution Focused Schools - a conference

All of us at BRIEF have been friends with Linda Metcalf for many years and have much admired her work. We have invited her here to London to present her work and she has returned the compliment by bringing her Summer Group to London from Texas each year for the last 11 years, trusting us at BRIEF to spend 4 days with them sharing our thinking about the SF approach.
And now she is organising a conference focusing on her great passion Solution Focused Schools. This is a great opportunity - not to be missed if you can make it! Check it out.

Linda writes: For years, I have admired Gonzalo Garza High School, a solution focused alternative school in Austin, Texas. I also wanted to do a conference that provided educators with more than training. I wanted them to hear from a staff at Garza who created a solution focused school. The first day of this conference consists of the Garza principal, counselor, teacher and creator of the school talking with participants. Elliott Connie will end the day with his inspirational way of conveying the magic of the model. The second day? Filled with so many different applications to school issues..well, you just have to check it out below!



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July 9, 2020