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Advanced Certificate in Solution Focused Practice (on-line)

The on-line Advanced Certificate Course 2024 is an exciting opportunity, designed for those wishing to develop and to hone their Solution Focused skills and to focus on the detail of practice in relation to their everyday work. The curriculum will closely follow the United Kingdom Association for Solution Focused Practice’s newly published Accreditation Criteria (see and those participants interested in achieving official accreditation by the Association will be well-prepared by this course.

The skills taught during this programme will include: 

  1. Client-led contracting taking into consideration other legitimate stakeholders such as employers, safeguarding and other statutory authorities.
  2. Developing detailed preferred future descriptions including descriptions extended sequences of inter-actional behaviour.
  3. Thorough detailing of what the client is already doing that might contribute to their hoped-for outcome.

While the course concentrates on developing practice skills, recommendations will be made as to reading that can be carried out by participants to develop their understanding of the history and theory of SF Practice.

At the end of the course participants will have the opportunity to present a recording and transcript of a role-play session for informal assessment by course staff.

Applicants will need to have completed BRIEF’s Foundation courses and to be in a position to regularly practice Solution Focused interviewing in their workplace or elsewhere throughout the course.


Core Course Tutors: Chris Iveson and Evan George


Probable dates for 2023/24 stating in October 2023 (subject to bookings)

Term 1

2 October      9 October      16 October      BREAK     30 October     6 November      13 November     

20 November     27 November     (8 Sessions)

Term 2                     

22 January      29 January      5 February      12 February      BREAK     26 February     4 March     11 March     

18 March     (8 sessions)

Term 3

15 April     22 April     29 April     BREAK      13 May      20 May      BREAK     3 June      10 June       

17 June     (8 sessions)


Each half-day session will last 3 hours and will take place from 1.45 - 5.00 UK time
These dates are scheduled to avoid clashing with UK Bank Holidays and UK School Holidays.


Course fee will be held for another year at: £2000.00 plus VAT (£2400.00 incl. VAT)

For more details about this programme, including how to book, contact Chris Iveson


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