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No Resolutions - take the time to do something more important.


For the past three years we at BRIEF have invited you to reflect on the contribution that you would wish to make to those around you in 2017. And all it requires is for you to be a little more YOU!

'Find a quiet moment and a little space for yourself and maybe something to write on and with. Think back over the year that is coming to its end. Bring to mind your ‘sparkling moments’, those times when you were truly ‘at your best’, whether those moments were born out of joy, inspiration, cooperation or pain, frustration or adversity. What do those moments tell you about you, about the person that you can be, the person that you are most proud to be? What qualities, capacities, competencies, skills and strengths were evidenced in those moments?

And imagine for a moment that those qualities were to grow and develop in your life how would you know over the course of 2017? How would that impact on your unique contribution to your world, to those around you? How might the person that you can be find yourself strengthening your community, creating connections and bonds between people.

Take time over the next few days to ponder on this question. Not resolutions but you being a little more the person that you can be and would wish to be in all the small moments of your own (special) life as it happens in 2017, making your own unique contribution, the one that no-one can make in your place, because you are you and no-one else is.'

With best wishes for 2017 from all of us at BRIEF.


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