The Centre for Solution Focused Practice


How can you bear it . . . ?

The choice that therapists and counsellors (and indeed coaches) make about the model that they use is not merely pragmatic. Of course we have to be concerned with the research - 'does it work' - but having established that it does we choose our models to some extent informed by the values, the ethos that lies hidden within. Evan George explores this thought.

Solution Focus and Risk

Chris Ward asks about safety . . . Do you ever find yourselves stepping outside of the solution focused process in order to take action to ensure someone's safety? If so, what do you typically notice during the conversation that triggers this response from you, and what sort of action would you typically take?

Impossible hopes

Most of the time people's 'best hopes' are eminently achievable. What about those times when they are not. Evan George shares some thoughts about how we can respond.

A New Year invitation.

The New Year is typically a time for looking forward, for making resolutions. Evan George invites you to look back over your past year instead.

Going north to Bremen

A thoughtful piece by Harvey Ratner which reflects on the question 'what are we doing when we ask clients about their best hopes?' His conclusions call into question some of our previous ways of describing our work.