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Letting go part 2

Evan George develops the thinking that began in Letting Go part 1. What else might we need to let go, ideas, language that does not fit within our Solution Focused home?

Letting go part 1

What does it take to create a home within which our Solution Focused practice can grow and thrive? Evan George considers this question.

Change or Continuity? Or both maybe.

Chris Iveson reminds us 'If we want to honour our clients’ lives let us pay attention to the continuity of those lives. Celebrate changes of fortune, of thinking, feeling and doing but remember it is the same person who now happens to be walking in the light.'

The Art Gallery

Chris Iveson tells us the story of the origin of the 'Art Gallery' a graphic and effective way of describing the Solution Focused Process that first occurred to him approximately 20 years ago. Since that time many others in our field have borrowed the 'metaphor' seeing just how useful it is in introducing people to the way that we work.

Taking our clients seriously.

A question recently raised the issue of just how we listen to people and the assumptions that we bring, or do not bring, to our conversations with clients. Evan George responds.

‘But I don't know how’.

When we invite people to watch out for change between sessions why do clients not protest 'but I don't know how'? Evan George explores some thoughts.


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July 9, 2020