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Steve de Shazer published 'Keys to Solution in Brief Therapy' way back in 1985 and yet for some of us this is the most significant of his books. Evan George explores some of the key ideas that he finds in this wonderful contribution to our work and approach.

Why ‘brief’ therapy?

Why do people talk about 'brief' therapy as if it is some sort of aberration from 'normal' therapy? In terms of number of sessions brief is the norm. Evan George, tongue firmly in cheek, explores 10 rules for the construction of long-term clients.

On the sharing of personal stories

Doing a shared session with our friend Elliott Connie on a recent trip to London leads Harvey Ratner to think again about self-disclosure in client work.

The Death of Resistance

This paper by Steve de Shazer is perhaps one of the most important in the development of the Solution Focused approach. Evan George writes about how the ideas impact his practice.

Not even a whisper

Chris Iveson explores his thoughts about what makes a difference in therapy and where this leads him in relation to ending sessions.

A perfect day

Why are Solution Focused Practitioners not interested in 'perfect days'? Evan George tries to shape his thoughts.

Can I have another go?

As Steve de Shazer said: ‘If the client cannot answer the question, the therapist has either asked the wrong question or asked it in the wrong way.’ Evan George explores where this thought takes us.


Why do we ask about people's 'best hopes' in Solution Focus? Evan George argues for 'hope's' importance.

‘What are the main advantages of SFBT?

‘What are the main advantages of SFBT and what added value does it offer over many other forms of therapy?’ Oddly enough this is the first time that we have been asked this question. Evan George responds.


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