The Centre for Solution Focused Practice


Making it real.

When we invite people to describe their preferred future this is not a dream, it is not a fantasy, it is a difference that is embedded in real life. Evan George explores where this thought can take us.

Panning for gold in the garbage.

2020 has been a really tough year and the temptation to just move on, to see what 2021 might hold for us, has been strong. But Evan George suggests that you don't move on too quickly. 2020 might hold hidden treasures. This is how to find them, BRIEF's treasure map.

Two experts working together.

How we think about what we do is important since how we conceptualise impacts the delivery. Here Evan George writes about an idea that underpins everything that we do.


Trust is at the heart of Solution Focused Practice. Evan George explores the ways in which trust turns up in our way of working.


In what sense can we think of change as happening 'spontaneously' in the Solution Focused approach. Evan George shares his thoughts.

Making change easier.

Evan has long been interested in the idea of making change easier an idea that oddly seems to meet with suspicion. It really does seem that we can make change harder for people or decide to make it easier and SFBT is really great at making it easier.


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What is SF - a 2020 version of the approach


July 9, 2020