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Putting Solution Focus to Work

Sarah Kupke writes about the difference that her training in SF has made in her role as Head of Campus at the International School of Stuttgart, Sindelfingen Campus.

Trusting or believing or trusting and believing?

Evan George considers two words that are foundational in Solution Focused Practice - the words trust and belief. Is belief the same as trust or is belief a little different from trust? Does trust encapsulate belief or does the idea of belief add something independently in our work?

How does it work?

Evan George explores some thoughts about what is going on when people are describing their preferred futures. The Solution Focused approach is far from obvious in so many ways.

Solution Focus in the Classroom?

Solution Focus has been adopted with enthusiasm in schools and education more broadly. Our friend Yasmin Ajmal gives us a host of examples to show how SF can be used by teachers in the classroom. Yasmin and Harvey Ratner have recently published Solution Focused Practice in Schools: 80 Ideas and Strategies and Harvey will be delivering a two-day programme Solution Focus in Education on 16th & 17th March in London.

'Wilding' therapy

Evan George writes about the perhaps surprising fit between Monbiot's ideas about 're-wilding' and the Solution Focused approach.

2019 at BRIEF

As we approach the end of 2019, looking forward to 2020, here is a short review of our year, another year of creativity, new ideas, new thinking and . . . excitement and enjoyment as well as another opportunity to say thank-you to you all.

The unsung heroes of Solution Focused Practice.

It is the small questions, the ones no-one notices, that make the big questions work. Here Evan George talks about some of those small questions, the back room team of the approach, without whom detail does not happen.

Making tough decisions!

‘So what are your best hopes from our talking together?’ ‘I just need to make up my mind . . . ‘ How can we respond to the client who feels stuck, facing a dilemma and not knowing which way to go. Evan George shares some thoughts.

What else? an infinitely various question

Recently Evan sought to justify just why ‘what else?’ is such a useful question in the Solution Focused approach whilst here Chris invites us to appreciate the infinite variety and difference within what might appear to be the same two words ‘what else?’.


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