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The ‘confidence’ scale

When asked which question he could not manage without in his therapy Steve de Shazer used to answer the scale question. His answer used to surprise people who were expecting him to say the miracle question. Harvey Ratner might well agree with him!

Falling in love with the Solution Focused approach #3

Evan's third piece on what he loves about the Solution Focused approach - and this time he focuses on 'demystification'. Therapy really does not have to be complicated. Complexity is a choice and a choice that risks excluding.

LESS SAID . . . .

Chris Iveson reminds us of the power of questions to make a difference, or at least the power of the client hearing their own answers.

Falling in love #2

Evan George continues his description of what it was about the Solution Focused approach that engaged him all those year ago, and which continues to enthrall him so many years later.


Leonard Cohen sang 'there is a crack in everything - that's how the light gets in'. Steve de Shazer was similarly struck by the utility of imperfection. Chris Iveson takes this as his starting point for an exploration of Solution Focused Practice.

Falling in love #1

In 1987 Evan fell in love with Solution Focused Brief Therapy. Here Evan tries to begin to explain why - and why his passion for the approach has lasted so long with no signs of abating.

“It’s all technique! And none of it is!”

One of the most common outcomes sought by participants on our Foundation Level 3 courses and beyond is to “develop my own style” to which I say, “Forget it!” Chris Iveson shares his thoughts.


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What is SF - a 2020 version of the approach


July 9, 2020