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The unsung heroes of Solution Focused Practice.

It is the small questions, the ones no-one notices, that make the big questions work. Here Evan George talks about some of those small questions, the back room team of the approach, without whom detail does not happen.

Making tough decisions!

‘So what are your best hopes from our talking together?’ ‘I just need to make up my mind . . . ‘ How can we respond to the client who feels stuck, facing a dilemma and not knowing which way to go. Evan George shares some thoughts.

What else? an infinitely various question

Recently Evan sought to justify just why ‘what else?’ is such a useful question in the Solution Focused approach whilst here Chris invites us to appreciate the infinite variety and difference within what might appear to be the same two words ‘what else?’.

Taking a position in horrible times?

In many countries we seem to be living through tough times, with populations divided, people turning and being turned upon each other, crimes of violence growing, and poverty and deprivation affecting more and more of our neighbours. Where does Solution Focus stand in this? Should we be changing what we do? Evan George responds.

Trains and Planes

Recently a course attender asked the question ‘so what do you do when the client’s best hopes are very specific – for example ‘I just want to get over my fear of flying’? Here is Chris Iveson’s wonderful response.

Managing Problem Focused Environments

Many of those drawing on Solution Focus in their work are based in organisations that impose certain expectations and demands. Often these expectations and demands can be thought of as 'problem-focused'. Chris Iveson shares some of his thoughts about how to manage such environments.

Blaming our clients!

Clients feeling 'blamed' by professionals is not an uncommon experience and is never productive or useful. So how do Solution Focused practitioners transform the 'blaming' process and turn it into something positive? Evan George shares some thoughts.


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