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Was Steve right?

Does Solution Focused Brief Therapy have a theory of change and if we do does that theory of change adequately serve our purposes? Evan briefly explores this question inspired by Mark McKergow's workshop at the 2016 UKASFP Conference in Swansea.


Anything that prompts the client to say that ‘things are better’ needs to be identified as verification of change, and anything that is new or different or more effective that the client reports needs to be encouraged or amplified.

Straightening the line

If you want to get from point A to point B, but know no details of the terrain in between, the best thing to do is to assume that you can go from A to B by following a straight line.

Normal difficulty

It is, of course, easier to develop a solution to a "normal difficulty" than it is to develop a solution to a "very pathological problem that has roots deep in my infancy".