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4 Day Foundation Course: Solution Focused Practice

BRIEF’s 4-day Foundation Programme in Solution Focused Practice is likely to be one of the most powerful and useful professional courses you will ever attend. We know this because thousands of former participants have told us exactly this. Indeed many people have commented in feedback that they have felt 'inspired' and that they 'can't wait to get get back to work'.

What is the course likely to provide for you?

Apart from the programme full programme there are a number of probable outcomes

  • You will be pleased that you attended.
  • You will feel energised and keen to put your learning into practice.
  • You will see your clients in a different, more hopeful, light.
  • You will be affirmed in your own practice.
  • You might even become one of tomorrow’s leading brief therapists.
  • You might find your own life leading in a more positive direction.

Apart from these less tangible outcomes you will learn about the origins the principles and the techniques of Solution Focused brief therapy and coaching. This will equip you with a number of specific skills which will include:

  1. How to tap into your client’s resources from the very first moments of your contact.
  2. How to negotiate a realistic contract based on a mutually acceptable outcome or goal.
  3. How to turn descriptions of problems into descriptions of possibilities.
  4. How to help clients describe what they want and the link between this and outcome.
  5. How to discover potential solutions buried within the problem behaviours.
  6. How to help clients integrate the cognitive, emotional and behavioural aspects of life.
  7. How to identify progress towards the agreed outcomes.
  8. How to promote change between meetings.
  9. How to resolve conflict and build cooperation.
  10. How to work with more than one person in the room.

You will also be taught how to apply these skills within your everyday working life taking into account such crucial factors as safety and other statutory and organisational obligations and duties.

What makes all this happen is the very high level of participation on the course. Because Solution Focused interviewing is like a craft it can only be understood through practice. Over the four days you will spend time in pairs and small groups doing Solution Focused interviewing with each other. It is this which makes it almost impossible for you not to be in some way profoundly touched by the experience.

It also means that you will know exactly what your clients are likely to experience when you get back to work. Click here for full programme

4 day Foundation Programme in Manchester

Every year BRIEF runs two consecutive 2-day courses in Manchester/Salford. Whilst the 2-day Foundation Course and the Advanced: Staying Brief course can be taken separately, and they are designed to stand alone, they can also be taken together, thereby approximating to a 4-day Foundation course and every year some participants will choose to complete both programmes consecutively.

The first 2 days will cover an introduction to Solution Focus, the key elements of practice and an overview of session structures whilst the second module focuses on the detailed application of the approach and the construction of the questions.

As all those who are already familiar with Solution Focus will know the approach is certainly straightforward, there is no complexity in the model, and yet most will already also have realised that ‘doing it’ is more challenging than it initially appears. And of course at the heart of the practice is the framing of questions and in particular questions that take account of the client’s position and move the conversation in the direction of possibility. So at the heart of the Advanced: Staying Brief two day programme will be Solution Focused questions and how we frame those questions. Two major activities will be designed to address this.

In addition this programme will give participants the opportunity to:

  • explore applications
  • practice staying Solution Focused in the face of challenging responses.
  • review their own Solution Focused development.

As with all BRIEF Advanced: Staying Brief programmes the specific content will remain flexible in order to fit the agendas of the participants and will take shape over the course of the two days. However it is likely that there will be a mixture of exercise, discussion and session review in addition to presentation by the course facilitator.

In order to make your booking you can find the 2-day Foundation course with the other 2-day Foundation courses and likewise the Advanced: Staying Brief Course.

Training Feedback

'A huge thank you for this training. I left inspired and re-energised and feel that SFT is something that I will be able to use very comfortably.  Was so impressed with it’s simplicity of concept and love the detailed, descriptive approach. Of course I will need lots of practice but I came away with ideas – many thanks!'

'Thanks again for the fantastic and insightful four days, which I enjoyed very much. It has been the highlight of this year - and being able to apply this in my work has been great. It is still challenging but I think that's good - keeps me on my toes and keeps me going back to the model.'

'Thank you for the training last week I thought it was brilliant! It makes so much sense!'

'Thanks for such an interesting and thought provoking course.'

'Great training for past four days! You are so cool in your delivery it’s very impressive!!'

4 Day Foundation Course: Solution Focused Practice

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