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BRIEF book translations

The latest translation to arrive on our desks is the Danish translation of 100 Key Points and Techniques. It is published by SOLUTIONS Forlag and translated by our wonderful friends and colleagues Mette Vesterhauge-Petersen and Henrik Vesterhauge-Petersen. Many thanks for the care and attention that went into producing such a lovely edition.

This follows hot on the heals of the Chinese version of 100 Key Points and Techniques and the Finnish version of Brief Coaching: a Solution Focused approach which was undertaken by Ben Furman and Colleagues at the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute lti Lyhytterapiainstituutti.

And now we have received notification that 'Brief Coaching with Children and Young People' Harvey Ratner and Denise Yusuf's wonderful book is to be translated into Finnish as well and 'Brief Coaching: a Solution Focused approach' is to be translated into Polish.


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July 9, 2020