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Describing the future

Evan George tackles the frequently asked question 'why do Solution Focused practitioners spend so long focusing on a detailed description of the preferred future?'.

Imposing our preferences on the people with whom we work.

We know that in Solution Focused Therapy legitimation for the worker's intervention comes exclusively from the answer to the 'best hopes' question. What if our preferred ways of thinking about people are impositional? Evan George explores this thought.

Unhelpful ideas.

Evan George lists twenty-five ideas about clients and therapy that make good outcomes less likely and yet seem to be characteristic of the way that many workers seem to describe their work.

Empathy – some tentative thoughts

The question is raised over and over about the place of 'empathy' in the Solution Focused approach - here Evan George shares some very tentative thoughts as a starting point for discussion and further thinking.

Talking about resistance . . . . or not.

The idea of the 'resistant client' is so common in the world of psychotherapy, and so much time is devoted to dealing with resistance, that people on courses are often puzzled 'why don't you talk about resistance?'. Here Evan George attempts to answer that question.


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