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SOLUTION FOCUSED GROUPWORK – two day course with A. Biba Rebolj

The Solution Focused approach can be used in a wide variety of fields and settings, ranging from therapy to management, and working with individuals or with groups. Solution Focused Groupwork, whether as therapy, training, support, coaching, or facilitation, and in classes, meetings and other settings, offers huge potential and can be a very cost-effective, practical and enjoyable way of working with several people at the same time, whether a few or several dozen. It also requires a somewhat different application of Solution Focused skills to those used in individual work.

Biba is a groupwork trainer with extensive international experience in group trainings who has also completed a PhD in adult education. You will explore with her how to apply the Solution Focused approach in different group settings. Two days of lively, creative, inspiring and highly practical applications of the principles of Solution Focused Groupwork will be an experience which will make you want to use the Solution Focused approach with your groups immediately, whether you have been working in group settings for a long time, or are thinking of starting to do so. And even if you are already experienced in using the approach in your practice, you will gain lots of new skills and ideas from this course.

Solution Focused Groupwork – 2 day course with A. Biba Rebolj

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Solution Focus in the Classroom?

Solution Focus has been adopted with enthusiasm in schools and education more broadly. Our friend Yasmin Ajmal gives us a host of examples to show how SF can be used by teachers in the classroom. Yasmin and Harvey Ratner have recently published Solution Focused Practice in Schools: 80 Ideas and Strategies and Harvey will be delivering a two-day programme Solution Focus in Education on 16th & 17th March in London.

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