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Elliott Connie - Finding the Mandela

9 June 2017

BRIEF 7-8 Newbury Street London EC1A 7HU

i am not sure what can be said about the Solution Focused Approach. If you are reading this you likely to know that this approach is simple, but not easy. You are more than likely to know that this approach was developed by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg and that this couple trained the founders of BRIEF over the course of 25 years. You also must already know that when using this approach we focus on the client's desired outcome instead of their problem, even when the problem that brought them into therapy is serious.

Even with all of this knowledge, attending trainings on this approach remains critically important to a professional's ability to use this approach effectively, primarily because using this approach is a skill and as with any craft, it requires devotion and practice in order to stay sharp. Also, workshops such as this are not about what the Solution Focused Approach is, they are about how to use it.

How to use the Solution focused Approach with couples, adults struggling with addiction, how to get through those sessions when the client seems unable to respond to your questions, and more tough situations that come up in the sessions. This event will be filled with stories from the presenter's practice, demonstrations of the approach in action, and of course a chance to practice.

More than anything else however, this will be a day filled with hope. The essence of the Solution Focused Approach is hope; the client's hope for the future, even when times are tough. This means the professional must be a master of hope, an expert on compassion, and an embodiment of devotion, without these things the questions associated with SFBT are just that - questions. However with these things, the questions become powerful vehicles that can elicit responses from the client that are capable of propelling them into their hopes for the future.

Elliott Connie is fast becoming the world’s most renowned Solution Focused Brief Therapists and for very good reason. So take this chance to see him in action.

We are hoping for at least one client to agree to be seen by Elliott on the day and he will have several stunning tapes from his work in different countries around the world.

If you are new to Solution Focused Practice then there can be no better place to start that watching Elliott at work and if you are an old hand you will leave with all your ‘youthful’ enthusiasm restored – if not, we’ll return your fee!

The title comes from Elliott talking about his trip to South Africa: “Our job is to find the Mandela in our clients”.




Elliott Connie - Finding the Mandela

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