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Louis Cauffman - The Solution Tango and other steps towards better practice

13-14 October 2016

BRIEF 7-8 Newbury Street London EC1A 7HU

Louis Cauffman is one of the big secrets of the Solution Focused world. He was among the first Europeans to meet Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg and realise the enormous potential of their ideas. His practice extends from individual therapy work to multi-national corporations and with over 300,000 copies of his book, The Solution Tango, sold in China alone he is without doubt among the most influential practitioners in the world.

Louis has for many years run one of Europe’s most successful training programmes and in this work he will share the best of what he does. Passionate about enhancing skills Louis is equally committed to promoting each practitioner’s unique way of doing a good job. To this end you will be invited to discover more of your best self, whatever the focus of your work.

This workshop will bring together therapists, coaches, managers and any practitioner interested in bringing a greater Solution Focus to their work whatever their context.

What you will learn

First and foremost Louis will help you appreciate what you already bring to the workshop and to your work in general – it is this that will provide the foundation for your continuing development.

  • From best to better – progress is part of the human condition and applies to clients and professionals alike; Louis will introduce you to ways to ensure your own progress mirrors that of your clients
  • The Solution Tango – seven steps to improved practice.
  • The ‘Minimax’ Flowchart – four more steps to maximise success with minimal interventions
  • The ‘science’ of happiness and roads to wellbeing.
  • Beyond technique – in the end it is just you and your client.

Fitting with the Solution Focused tradition Louis will weave his teaching into the hopes and needs of participants to create a unique event from which all will benefit.

Louis Cauffman

Louis is clinical psychologist and business economist and founder of the influential SOLT.E.A.M. He is author of several highly acclaimed books and has the honour of being the very first professional to bring the Solution Focused Approach to China where the Chinese translation of his book The Solution Tango (available on Kindle) has sold over 300.000 copies. Louis brings a lightness to his work and humour to his training. Expect each day to be full and invigorating.

Louis’ books include The Solution Tang, Solution Focused Coaching,  The Handbook of Solution Focus in Education (not yet translated to English) Simple: Solution-Positive Psychology in Action (in translation).

Louis Cauffman - Solution Tango

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