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Eight years of blogging!!

It is now 8 years since BRIEF started this ‘blog’ focusing on the Solution Focused approach. We publish every Sunday on FaceBook and then the pieces that seem to elicit most interest are copied onto the website. We have explored the thinking, applications of the approach in a wide range of settings, practice developments, we have shared case studies and exercises. 416 pieces - way over 400,000 words, between 3 and 4 ‘books worth’. Who would have thought there was so much to say? And yet this approach is like the gift that keeps giving; it remains fascinating, constantly changing and growing and moving on. For us of course writing about Solution Focus helps us to clarify our thinking, indeed to work out exactly what we are thinking which is not always clear to us at the moment when we sit down at our keyboards, but what makes the exercise worthwhile are your responses, either public responses in the form of your comments, sharing your thoughts in response to ours, or private responses with people saying that they read the pieces every week and find them supportive of their practice.

As you will know all of us at BRIEF are passionate about this approach and this ‘blog’, without I hope being too pompous or self-important, is a way of trying to contribute something to the world-wide Solution Focused community of which we have so much appreciated being a part. So wherever you are, whatever your interest in the approach, however you draw on it in your life and work – thank-you for being interested and thank-you for being a part not just of the present but of the future of this way of working. It really is going to be so interesting to discover where Solution Focus goes, how it changes and how it develops over the next 8 years.

With very best wishes from all of us at BRIEF

3rd December 2023


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